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BC Discovery Fund

Investment Strategy


The BCDF investment team is presented with hundreds of business plans and investment opportunities each year. The following strategies are utilized to select venture capital investments for the Fund:


Opportunities arise from a broad network of sources that include, but are not limited to:

  • Discovery Capital's management, board of directors, and external advisors
  • Referrals, contacts or industry relationships developed since 1986
  • Word of mouth from current or former portfolio companies and entrepreneurs
  • Collaboration with other angel, venture capital, and capital markets groups
  • Directly from entrepreneurs


Discovery Capital's well-developed selection model is based on assessing sourced opportunities on the following criteria:

  • Management depth and experience
  • Innovative and proprietary technologies
  • Size and scope of market opportunity and competitive advantage
  • Compelling plan to capture the business opportunity
  • Current revenues / market acceptance and path to profitability
  • Likelihood of successful exit opportunities within 3 to 7 year time frame


Value is created and realized through the following activities:

  • Working closely with companies to accelerate success through active involvement and financing (direct, and through our network of contacts and advisors)
  • Delivering returns to our shareholders by executing on our acceleration role and driving profitable exit strategies
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